Chloe Heller

Miss Heller is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in History. When not chairing Tory debates, you could likely find Miss Heller editing for The Yale Politic amid a few cups of coffee. Seeing the Chairman in discussion with her classmates and friends on such topics as climate change and energy, the legitimacy of puns as an art form, and at what point her love of coffee edges on an addiction is a common sight on campus. When home in Maryland, Miss Heller enjoys taking her dog Bucky for long walks along the Potomac River.



Ryley Constable

Mr. Constable is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College studying Economics and Mathematics. His favorite pastimes include quoting George Strait in papers, defending his home state of Wyoming among the scores of coastal elites, and searching for more tweed to wear at Tory debates. When Mr. Constable isn’t debating with the Tories or tending to his cattle, he can be found quarterbacking intramural football or managing a neoconservative Twitter account.


Chief Whip

Steven Barbee

Mr. Barbee is a sophomore in Davenport College who is interested in Economics and Political Science, a unique course of study for a Yalie. After whipping petitioners, he dances for Sabrosura: Yale’s Latin Dance Team, plays Ultimate Frisbee as if it’s an actual sport, and tries to convince his friends that being a car enthusiast isn’t a childish passion. 



Rene Olivarez

Mr. Olivarez is a junior in Ezra Stiles College studying Chemistry. A man of applied knowledge, he makes excellent use of his major concocting the most exquisite drinks for the party. While not mixing the nectar of the gods, he is an active member of the Yale International Relations Association, planning conferences all over North America and Europe.


Senior Whip

Marimar Calisto

Miss Calisto is a freshman in Morse College, studying Russian and Political Science. Originally from Peru but raised in Los Angeles, she enjoys complaining about the Connecticut cold to anyone who will listen. Miss Calisto can often be found heckling at Yale sports games as part of the Whaling Crew, raucously singing the Air Force song in public settings with her fellow Air Force ROTC cadets, and taking intramural too seriously.


Senior Whip

Ana Greenberg

Miss Greenberg is a freshman from New York planning to major in History and Psychology. She spends her free time playing squash or volunteering with Yale Undergraduates at Connecticut Hospice, and she is thrilled to serve as a Senior Whip of the Tory Party. 


Assistant Provost

Andrew kosanovich

Mr. Kosanovich is a freshman member of Saybrook College, and a prospective Mechanical Engineer. Another California native sick of identity politics and socialism ripping his state apart, he has taken to meming to win the hearts and minds of his peers. He is also a member of AFROTC Detachment 009, and interested in becoming a fighter pilot or special operator.

DSCN4777 (2).JPG

Assistant Provost

Peter Cappaert

Mr. Cappaert is a freshman in Timothy Dwight College who is interested chemistry and history. He is a member of the curling club and the military history society. When not debating on the Tory Party floor, Peter enjoys discussing with his suitemates why Iowa is the greatest state and ranting about the price of chocolate milk at TDHeav.


Chairman’s Whip

Sam Feldman

Mr. Feldman is a freshman in Silliman College, interested in studying Economics and Political Science. Hailing from Palo Alto, California, he is typically shivering outside, ill-dressed for the New Haven cold. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and tennis, in addition to serving hot drinks at the Acorn Cafe. He can often be found screaming “TD sucks!” at the inferior residential college next door.