Our Recent Resolutions:

Spring 2019

Resolved: Spread Democracy

Resolved: Liberty Needs an Iron Fist

Resolved: Conservatives Change

Resolved: Capital Punishment is a Force for Justice

Resolved: Date a Leftist

Resolved: Being Pro-Choice is Conservative

Resolved: Slaughter Isaac at the Altar of the Nation

Resolved: Send “Aid” to Venezuela

Resolved: The State Must Educate our Children

Resolved: Separate the Art from the Artist

Resolved: Greed is Good

Resolved: Pack Up Big Tent Conservatism

Resolved: There is No Such Thing as Yale Values

Fall 2018

Resolved: Class Divisions are Good for Society

Resolved: Exile Anti-Vaxxers

Resolved: This House Would Rather Starve Than Accept a Government Handout

Resolved: Hate Speech is Free Speech

Resolved: Truth is Subjective

Resolved: If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em

Resolved: Conservatives are Born, Not Made

Resolved: Embrace the Right to Offend

Resolved: The Future of Western Politics is Populist, not Liberal

Resolved: Art is Meant to Unsettle

Resolved: Conservatives are Pessimists

Spring 2018

Resolved: Yale is Good For Conservatives

Resolved: Conservatives need organized religion

Resolved: Federalize America's Primary Education System

Resolved: Romney was right about Russia

Resolved: Political Leaders Must Be Moral Leaders

Resolved: The Rise of China will be the fall of America

Resolved: Yale is a Responsibility not a Privilege

Resolved: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We Love the Queen and So Should You

Resolved: Politics Should Be Dull

Resolved: International Charity is a Waste of Money

Resolved: Give the NSA your Passwords

Fall 2017

Resolved: Protest is Conservative

Resolved: Ban the Burqa

Resolved: Secession is Treason

Resolved: Conservatism must Evolve

Resolved: Reincarnate Ronald Reagan

Resolved: This House Would Rather Live in New Haven than a Tax Haven

Resolved: Celebrate Columbus

Resolved: Abolish the UN

Resolved: Take Yale Pass Fail

Resolved: The American Dream is Dead

Resolved: Cross the 38th Parallel

Resolved: Rip Down Robert E. Lee

Spring 2017

Resolved: Israel's Enemy's are our Enemy's

Resolved: Conservatives should Resist Trump

Resolved: Invade Syria

Resolved:Open Carry on Old Campus

Resolved: Mandate Paid Leave

Resolved: Support the Deep State

Resolved: Drop the Bomb

Resolved: Support State-Sponsored Assassinations

Resolved: Work Hard Play Hard

Resolved: We Have the Right to Die

Fall 2016

Resolved: Conservation is Conservative

Resolved: House a Syrian Refugee

Resolved: Stand Your Ground

Resolved: Colonization Is A Force For Good

Resolved: Support Your Local Farmer's Market

Resolved: We Are All Democrats Now

Resolved: Make America Great Britain Again

Resolved: Establish Mandatory National Service

Resolved: Judge A Book By Its Cover

Resolved: Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty

Spring 2016

Resolved: Don't Trust the People

Resolved: Forgive your Enemies

Resolved: Leave the Resort

Resolved: America Needs a Queen

Resolved: Politicians Forfeit Their Right to Privacy

Resolved: Kill Two Birds With One Drone

Resolved: Earn to Live, Not to Give

Resolved: The Heart is Meant to Bleed

Resolved: Liberty Needs an Iron Fist

Resolved: Our Best Years Are Behind Us

Resolved: We Are Near the Peak of Human Existence

Fall 2015

Resolved: Morals Are Just A Guideline

Resolved: Globalization is the Downfall of the Nation

Resolved: Public Shame is in the Public Interest

Resolved: Conservatives Have Lost Sight of What They Are Conserving

Resolved: True Friends Stab You in the Front

Resolved: It's Just DNA; We Can Do What We Want With It

Resolved: Trade Your High-Rise For An Acre

Resolved: Spy On Me; I'd Rather Be Safe

Resolved: Judgment In This Life Can Never Be Just

Resolved: The Free World is a Myth

Resolved: A Mediocre Yalie Has Wasted Their Time At Yale

Resolved: Pull Out the Grassroots

Spring 2015

Resolved: Yalies Are Obligated to Change the World

Resolved: Conservatism is Reactionary

Resolved: Embrace the Middlebrow

Resolved: The Right To Defend Is The Right To Kill

Resolved: This House Prefers Hash Browns to Hash Brownies

Resolved: If This House Found Irrefutable Evidence That God Did Not Exist, It Would Unilaterally Destroy It For the Sake of Humanity

Resolved: Risk It All

Resolved: Capital Punishment is Unconservative

Resolved: The Knight in Shining Armor Has Fallen Off His Horse

Resolved: The West is Hurtling Towards Tyranny

Resolved: Drink From the Fountain of Youth

Resolved: Return to Sushi Mizu

Resolved: Some Things Are Above Satire

Fall 2014

Resolved: Enter the Tory Time Machine

Resolved: Conservatives are Doomed to be on the Wrong Side of History

Resolved: Sign a Pre-nup

Resolved: Hug a Tree

Resolved: Democracy Requires a Patriotic Education

Resolved: This House Prefers Work Boots to Boat Shoes

Resolved: Embrace the Right to Offend

Resolved: Democracy is Doomed to a Weak Foreign Policy

Resolved: College is for Indulgence

Resolved: Libertarians and Conservatives Can't Be Friends