Alexander Sikorski

Alexander Kazimierz Sikorski is a junior in Pierson College. He studies Philosophy and History, but finds himself indulging in politics more often than not. In the past year, he has worked on both a staggeringly successful Alderman campaign and a woefully unsuccessful Governor's campaign. Mr. Sikorski has never voted for a winning candidate, but remains optimistic that the era of neoconservative globalists is just around the corner. In his spare time, Mr. Sikorski helps run the Buckley Program, DJ's an indie-rock radio show, and reminisces about the glory days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.



Chloe Heller

Miss Heller is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in History. When she’s not asking questions on the Tory floor, you could most likely find Miss Heller editing for The Yale Politic at Koffee?, her favorite New Haven coffee shop, taking her dog, Bucky, for long walks along the Potomac River, or debating her classmates and friends on such topics as climate action, the legitimacy of puns as an art form, and at what point her love of coffee edges on an addiction. 


Chief Whip

Babak Badiey

Mr. Badiey is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in Biomedical Engineering. From Delaware, he enjoys building computers and other gadgets at the CEID, doing math recreationally, hosting poker nights, playing the Darbuka drum rather, and generally annoying people with how interesting he finds STEM. 



Alexander Vidal

Mr. Vidal is a senior Economics major in Branford College, and is thrilled to serve as Provost of the Tory Party. A native Floridian and Cuban-American, Mr. Vidal co-founded the Yale Undergraduate Journal of Economics and Politics and can be found on campus as a Student Organizations Consultant.



Ryley Constable

Mr. Constable is a sophomore from Gillette, WY majoring in Economics. His favorite pastimes include quoting George Strait in papers, defending Wyoming’s honor among the scores of coastal elites, and searching for more tweed to wear at Tory debates. When Mr. Constable isn’t debating with the Tory Party or tending to his cattle, he also serves on the Yale College Council executive board and is the best backup quarterback in Yale intramural football.

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Senior Whip

Lily Rogers

Miss Rogers is a sophomore in JE who is majoring in Political Science. The token conservative from a liberal town in Massachusetts, she is thrilled to be a Senior Whip and can’t wait to bring new members into the Tory Party. When she is not giving speeches on the Tory floor, you can find her pretending that she knows how to play Intramural Sports (JE Sux!) or drinking obscene amounts of coffee. 


Senior Whip

Steven Barbee

Mr. Barbee is a sophomore in Davenport who is interested in Economics and Political Science, a unique course of study for a Yalie. After whipping petitioners, he dances for Sabrosura: Yale’s Latin Dance Team, plays Ultimate Frisbee as if it’s an actual sport, and tries to convince his friends that being a car enthusiast isn’t a childish passion.